Increase disk space of a vagrant machine

October 26, 2016

Lately I came across a rather big problem of vagrant: Increasing the disk space, because the normal 40GB were in use. There are options to increase RAM or CPU count easily. You can change it like this:

So my thoughts were, that there must be a similar option to disk space as well, but there wasn’t. After some research I found out, there was no easy solution to that. There are already some solutions though, but nothing worked for me completely. I’m currently mainly using kaorimatz ubuntu 16.04 iso. One point which wasn’t working for me is, that other machines used lvm2 as a volume manager. Second problem was, that some people’s new increased hdd’s got attached automagically to the vagrant machine, even though it should give an UUID conflict. So I had to go for my own solution, which is a combination of various solutions out there. I hope this is of any use for someone else out there, who was as frustrated as I was.

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