The power of Vim Plugins: netrw

November 3, 2015

This time we look into an alternative for NERDTree, which is called netrw. Thanks to aguerosantiale, who put my attention onto it. Both plugins serve the same purpose, but they behave fundamentaly different in archiving this.

So the first question you will probably ask is: “why use netrw, if I’m already familiar with NERDTree?”. The biggest plus for netrw is, that you don’t have to download anything. If you set nocampatible in your .vimrc you are able to use it. So if you are on a different machine, for example connected via ssh, you are able to use netrw. The second point is, that vim is very reactive by nature, but if you have too many plugins running at the same time, you could destroy this attribute. So it’s always good to use something, what is already there.

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